Homeless Man Saves A Family From House Fire (And More Good News)

1.  A homeless guy in Phoenix named Joseph Collins saved a woman and her two daughters from a fire last Thursday.  They were asleep in their second-floor apartment when she woke up and saw flames.



Joseph heard her calling for help and scaled a fence into her yard.  She had to drop each kid from a window, and he caught both of them.  He also caught her two dogs, and then she jumped down.  She says he absolutely saved their lives.



2.  Two guys in Ohio were about to head to the dump with an old couch that was sitting outside when they found four kittens living inside it.  They eventually got them out, and their mom came back, so they’re okay.  There’s a video of them sleeping in a cat bed, so it looks like they’ll be put up for adoption soon.



3.  A 56-year-old lottery fan in Michigan recently went to his normal store to buy a scratcher, but they’d just closed.  So he went to a different store . . . bought a scratcher there instead . . . and it hit for $2 MILLION.