Friday’s Good News!


1.  A guy in Kentucky was leaving a store last weekend when he found 10 bucks in his jacket pocket.  So he went back in . . . bought a lottery ticket . . . and won 250 GRAND.


2.  A Ukrainian woman who owns and operates a bakery in San Antonio promised to donate all the money she brought in last weekend to help people in her home country.  And in three days, she raised over $72,000.


3.  Also, crypto donors have been giving Bitcoin, Dogecoin, and other coins in huge amounts.  Last we heard, over $50 MILLION had been raised in cryptocurrency to help Ukraine.


4.  An 11-year-old Siberian husky in Seattle is going viral, because he’s got his own service dog.  His name is Sterling, and glaucoma robbed him of eyesight a few years ago.  But he’s still going strong, because a 10-year-old dog named Walker goes everywhere with him, and they’re best buds.