Ed Sheeran: No Phone Home

You won’t find Ed Sheeran playing Wordle or Candy Crush on his phone during downtime — because he hasn’t even carried a cell since 2015.

In an interview with The Collectors’ Edition podcast, Ed revealed that he kicked the habit after wrapping his Multiply world tour, and has no regrets. He says, “I got really, really overwhelmed and sad with the phone. I just spent my whole time in a very low place. It was, like, a veil just lifted… I didn’t so much cut contact with people, I just limit contact with people. Now, I have an e-mail and every few days, I’ll sit down and open up my laptop and I’ll answer 10 e-mails at a time. And then I’ll go back to living life and I don’t feel overwhelmed by it.”

And, yes, Ed says he can check the time any time he needs to — on one of the luxury watches he collects and wears everywhere.