Since we’re all stuck in our houses, good tunes are a great way to mix things up (that is of course, when you’re not listening to KINK).

Here are a few songs to add to your playlist:

Overcoats – The Fool

And if you like what you hear there, check out their newly released album, The Fight.

Inhaler – We Have To Move On

You might say to yourself, this young Dublin band sounds A LOT like an early version of U2. I know I did. That’s because the band’s frontman is Bono’s oldest son, Elijah Hewson – and takes it’s name from his asthma relief.   Elijah tells Apple Music that his famous father has allowed him to find his own path in the music world, and the only bit of advice that has been offered to him was how much underwear to take on tour.

Haim – The Steps

I really can’t wait for the bands next album to come out, Women in Music Part III. They’ve released four tracks already… with everyone unique, and so, so good.  Oh! And if you haven’t caught Haim’s recent performances on the Tonight Show, you’re missing out.

Noah Cyrus – July

You’ve likely heard us playing a version of this song on KINK, with Noah teaming up with Leon Bridges.  This is the original, solo version. Both are great… and you’ll be whistling the tune all day.

The Killers – Caution

The band is returning with a new album… with what sounds to be a return to their 80s influenced sound… in May.   A tour will follow, with a stop in Portland in August.