Cobain Guitar Fetches Record Price

The acoustic guitar Kurt Cobain played when Nirvana performed on MTV Unplugged has demolished the previous record for the highest price ever paid for a guitar.

The instrument, a left-handed 1959 Martin D-18E, sold for a bit more than $6 million on Saturday. The previous high for a guitar purchase was $3.9 million for one played by Pink Floyd‘s David Gilmour.

The purchaser was later revealed to be Peter Freedman, co-founder and chairman of Australia’s Rode Microphones, who submitted the seventh bid. He says he plans to display the instrument at exhibitions around the world to raise funds for the performing arts and that guitar itself will eventually be used for the same purpose.

The sale was conducted by Julien’s Auctions, who recently auctioned the sweater Cobain wore on MTV Unplugged for $334,000, a record for a sweater bought at auction. (Rolling Stone)