CA to ban gas-powered lawn equipment

Earlier this month, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed a bill that everyone who likes to sleep past 8am on the weekends can cheer about. The bill bans gas-powered lawn equipment that have small off-road engines by January 1, 2024 (or once the CA Air Resources Board says the law is feasible). Gas-powered equipment with small off-road engines produce about the same amount of smog-causing pollution as passenger cars, and in California, there are more than 16.7 million small engines, topping the number of passenger cars on the road by about 3 million. The state has $30 million in funding to help professional landscapers and gardeners with switching equipment to zero-emission. Operating a gas leaf blower for an hour can create as much smog-forming pollution as driving a Toyota Camry for 1,100 miles. Cutting emissions is good for our climate crisis, but also has health benefits for workers and the community. 

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