Buy quality secondhand for holiday gifting

Whether it’s supply chain issues, high costs or the desire to be more environmentally friendly, secondhand is a great option for gift giving. Gifting pre-owned items or regifting doesn’t have the stigma it once had. More and more people are open to receiving secondhand items and there are lots of options to choose from. If you’re looking to buy clothing and accessories, check out thredUP, Poshmark or Tradesy, they’re full of high-end and luxury items. Locally, there’s a company located in Cascade Locks called Renewal Workshop that “renews” and resells clothing. When it comes to pre-owned electronics like computers, Free Geek in SE Portland is a great place to check out. A little further down Hawthorne, you’ll find Fred’s Sound of Music for stereo equipment. On the westside, Echo Audio sells refurbished audio equipment. 

Best online thrift stores 

Renewal Workshop

Free Geek

Fred’s Sound of Music

Echo Audio