Bride’s Change of Heart Leads to a $15,000 Charity Gala: ‘Ball for All’ Supports Parents of Kids with Special Needs

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1.  A groundbreaking new gene therapy is allowing children born deaf to hear for the first time.  Five of six kids in a clinical trial were able to have conversations with people after six months.

They were all born with a specific genetic condition, so it’s not a cure-all.  But it could be an approved treatment for some people in three to five years.


2.  A bride in San Jose, California called off her wedding at the last minute, and couldn’t get a refund on her $15,000 reception.  So she donated it to a charity called Parents Helping Parents that supports parents of kids with special needs.

They threw a party for 100 people and called it the “Ball for All”.  It had a DJ and dancing . . . a photo booth . . . and included dinner with a ton of desserts.


3.  A 34-year-old warehouse worker in England named Danny Turney recently impressed his friends with a spot-on Elvis impression.  During the pandemic, his wife secretly recorded him singing in the kitchen and uploaded it to Facebook.

He started getting calls after that from a number he didn’t know, and eventually called back.  It turned out one of his buddies sent footage to a talent agent . . . and Danny’s now working as a full-time Elvis impersonator, making $500 a night.

He goes by the name “Danny Graceland” and he’s pretty good.  He’s been doing it for a few years now.  He says his best run so far was 18 shows in a single weekend.  (Here’s a video.)