Bills Fans Rally Behind Kicker Tyler Bass, Donate Over $100K to Animal Shelter After Playoff Loss

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1.  A cop in New Jersey delivered a baby on the side of the road in a snowstorm last week.  And firefighters in Wisconsin delivered a baby in a McDonald’s parking lot, also in a snowstorm.  Both babies are doing great.  The McDonald’s kid’s name is Micah, but his parents are calling him “McFlurry”.



2.  A summer camp in Texas called Slumber Falls was about to be sold and turned into something else.  So a bunch of former campers launched a GoFundMe, pooled their money, and bought it themselves to keep it going.



3.  Buffalo Bills kicker Tyler Bass got a lot of hate after a missed field goal ended their season on Sunday.  He even got DEATH THREATS.  But now Bills fans are making up for it by donating thousands in his name to a no-kill animal shelter.



It’s a cat rescue he’s involved with called the Ten Lives Club.  His jersey number is “2”, so fans have been calling in and donating $22 in his name.  On Monday and Tuesday alone, they raised over 100 GRAND.



(Here’s their post.)