August is Water Quality Month – interview with Regional Water Providers Consortium

Water Quality Month is a great time to learn more about our drinking water and how we  can help keep our local streams, lakes, and rivers healthy. The main source of pollution to our local waterways is run off from our everyday activities in the garden and at home.
Here are some simple ways that each of us can take care of our region’s water:

  • Clean up after your pet at home or when you’re out for a walk or hike
  • Rethink how you wash your car
  • Wait until fall to fertilize your lawn
  • Control weeds by them by hand or spot spraying them with pesticides
  • Redirect sprinkler heads so that they are watering plants and not the pavement

Listen to all of our interview with Bonny Cushman, Program Manager at the Regional Water Providers Consortium and learn who RWPC is, what they do to maintain our safe drinking water and tips to use water wisely at home.

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