Another Bizarre Photo of A Dress Is Going Viral–Check It Out Here!

Why is it that every time a MYSTERIOUS PHOTO goes viral, it involves a DRESS?

A woman named Tessa Coates claims she was so creeped out by a photo of herself at a bridal shop, trying on a wedding dress . . . that she almost vomited in the street!

In the photo, she’s standing with her back to the camera, in front of two mirrors.  The crazy thing is that the three versions of herself . . . the real Tessa, and the two reflections . . . each have her with her arms in DIFFERENT POSITIONS.

So Tessa took it to a “Genius Bar” at an Apple Store to show it to one of their experts.  Several employees were as confused as she was . . . but one of the bosses, “Roger,” knew what it was.

Roger explained that the iPhone isn’t a camera, it’s a computer, and the way it captures images is by taking a burst of shots . . . left to right . . . and then stitches them together, virtually instantaneously.

He said that a quick movement of her arms . . . combined with the mirrors . . . created a “one-in-a-million” illusion.

Tessa seems satisfied by that . . . but some people online are STILL having trouble buying it, since it seems like if this were the case, more people would’ve discovered “glitches” in their images too.

CLICK HERE to see the photo and read more about this bizarre incident!