Alaska Wildlife Heroes Rescue Stranded Deer: Daring Four-Mile Swim to Safety!

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1.  Wildlife officials in Alaska saved two young deer they found swimming four miles from shore.  It’s not that weird to see deer swimming from one island to the next.  But they were obviously in trouble, because they swam right up to the boat.

The officials helped them on board, dropped them off on dry land, and they ran off into the woods.  (Here’s the footage.)


2.  Have you ever ordered something small from Amazon like ChapStick, and it came in a box that was WAY bigger than necessary?  They’re finally doing something about that.

They’ve got a new system that makes custom paper bags and boxes for smaller products.  A fulfillment center near Cleveland just became the first to switch over to it.  It also means more of their packaging can be recycled.


3.  Talk about a gift that keeps on giving:  A couple in Kentucky had their anniversary and claimed a $1 MILLION lottery prize in the same week.  The husband bought the ticket and joked he got his wife a million bucks this year.