After 25 Years, Green Day’s Billie Joe is Still Uncomfortable With Fame

Billie Joe Armstrong has been a rock star for over 25 years, but he still isn’t comfortable with being famous.

The Green Day frontman tells Kerrang, “Sometimes it’s great — when I’m able to communicate with fans and people are cool, and when people get something out of the music and you make these connections. But I think the thing that makes it uncomfortable is how [messed up] social media has become, and how everyone’s got a camera in their pocket now. There are a lot of people out there who aren’t fans who just wanna be guilty by association or something.”

And the one thing he dislikes the most? “I don’t like my picture being taken with people. It’s fine with fans — and I can always tell when someone is a genuine fan. But then there are people where you’re just sitting there in your sweats and they just want to get a piece of you for their own ego. That’s the part that I’m uncomfortable with — when you’re in compromised situation.