A Cop Just Delivered His 5th Baby In Five Years!  (And More Good News)

1.  A cop on Long Island just delivered his fifth baby in five years.  A woman gave birth in her living room on Saturday, and he helped coach her through it.  Now people are calling him the “Baby Whisperer.”


2.  A guy flew from California to South Carolina to see his family for Thanksgiving last week.  And they knew he wouldn’t be making it in for Christmas this year.  So his grandma surprised him by doing his Christmas early, and it’s on video.  She put her tree up, had everyone bring a gift, and he got pretty emotional about it.


3.  A guy in Georgia named Denver Peardon is using his Christmas tree to pay tribute to veterans again this year.  He runs a mobile museum called the Military History Preservation Group.  All his ornaments are photos of vets he’s met in person.  This year’s tree has 184 of them.


4.  A woman in D.C. named Rosie Grant is in the news thanks to her TikTok page, where she posts recipes found on gravestones.  Having your own signature recipe engraved on your headstone is a thing, apparently.

She just used a snickerdoodle recipe for Thanksgiving.  It came from a woman named Annabelle Gunderson who’s buried in California.