A Cop Gives A Much-Needed Hug To Man Experiencing Mental Health Crisis (And More Good News)

1.  A Kansas City Chiefs fan gave a kidney to a Philadelphia Eagles fan.  Now they’re both going to the Super Bowl together.  They’re old friends who met in the Marine Corps. over 20 years ago and kept in touch on Facebook.

The surgery was in 2020.  But the Eagles and Chiefs just heard about it, and worked together to get them to the game this Sunday.  (They were on the “Today” show this week.)


2.  These two are also heading to the Super Bowl:  A couple in Buffalo, New York saved a developmentally disabled man caught out in a blizzard on Christmas Eve.  Then they took care of him for two days until they could get him to a hospital.  The NFL gave them tickets, and Delta is flying them for free.

(Another guy from that same blizzard also got Super Bowl tickets last month.  He’s the one who broke into a school and saved two dozen people.)


3.  A cop in Michigan gave a guy a much-needed hug, and the chest-cam footage is making the rounds online.  The guy had pulled over on his way to work, and was crying in his car because he was just overwhelmed with life.

The cop asked if there was anything he could do, and the guy said he could “use a hug.”  So the cop immediately said yes.  At the end of the video, he also tells him to call anytime, even if he just needs to talk.

4.  Back in the mid-’90s, a couple in New York were renovating their house when they found a stack of love letters in a wall that were from World War Two.  So they’ve been trying to track down the family ever since, and finally did.

The letters were from a soldier to his wife, and a TikToker who specializes in this stuff managed to track down their daughter, who’s 76 now.  She says reading the letters reminded her of what great parents they were.  (Here’s a photo.)

5.  A dog in Texas ran away from her new home after she got adopted from a shelter last month.  But her new owners have her again . . . after she walked 10 miles back to the shelter, and rang the doorbell.


6.  A woman in Texas named Tanya Herbert has the world’s largest feet.  She’s 6’9″ and wears a size 18.  So buying shoes has always been an issue, especially dress shoes.  Her only option was men’s shoes.

But she recently talked about it on TikTok, and people told her to get in touch with a custom-shoe company in Chicago called Mohop.  They made her a pair of wedges first, and just did a pair of four-inch heels for her too.  She’s 7’1″ in them.  (Here’s a video of the heels being made, and here’s her wearing them.)