We can all use a good laugh right about now.  So “USA Today” put together a list of 50 funny bits to lift your spirits.  And they separated them into several categories.  Here are some highlights:






1.  Dana Carvey’s Choppin’ Broccoli from “Saturday Night Live”.


2.  Amish Paradise by Weird Al Yankovic.


3.  Music Everywhere by Jake Gyllenhaal . . . from “John Mulaney and the Sack Lunch Bunch”.




Dance Videos:



1.  Jack Black on Tik Tok.


2.  Tom Holland’s Singin’ in the Rain / Umbrella from “Lip Sync Battle”.


3.  FATBOY SLIM’s Weapon of Choice, featuring CHRISTOPHER WALKEN.




Comedy Sketches:



1.  Van Down by the River from “Saturday Night Live”.


2.  Long-Haired Businessman Video Conference with WILL FERRELL and WILL FORTE.


3.  “SNL’s” New Paint sketch.







1.  Mom Stuck Inside by Alyssa Limperis.


2.  Kate McKinnon as Justin Bieber on “SNL”.




Movie Moments:



1.  The flower shop scene from “The Room” . . . one of the absolute WORST movies ever made.


2.  The news team brawl from “Anchorman 2”.  (WARNING:  This clip contains profanity.)


3.  Derek confronts his father in “Zoolander”.




TV Scenes:



1.  Michael Scott’s movie Threat Level Midnight from “The Office”.


2.  When Monica figures out where Phoebe’s grandmother really got her cookie recipe from on “Friends”.


3.  CHRIS and ANDREW CUOMO sniping at each other on CNN.




Standup Bits:



1.  “Salt and Pepper Diner” by John Mulaney.  (WARNING:  Questionable language.)


2.  “Baby Cobra / Hard Knock Wife” by Ali Wong.  (WARNING:  This video contains profanity.)


3.  Amazon Prime Is Too Slow by Ronny Chieng.




Other Things on the Internet:



1.  Bodega Cats.


2.  Kristen Wiig appears on the “Tonight Show” as Khaleesi from “Game of Thrones”.