8-Year-Old Lost In Woods Survives On Snow For Days Until Rescued (And More Good News)

1.  An eight-year-old boy in Michigan got lost in the woods, and survived for two days by eating snow.  He was camping with his family last weekend, and got turned around while gathering firewood.

150 volunteers went looking for him, and eventually found him two miles from the campsite.  He told “Good Morning America” he was worried he’d be stuck out there the rest of his life.


2.  The world’s oldest dog just turned 31.  His name is Bobi, and he lives in Portugal.  His owner threw him a big party on Wednesday.  According to Guinness, he’s the oldest living dog in the world, and also the oldest dog EVER.


3.  The FDA updated its policy to allow gay men in relationships to donate blood.  The concern has always been AIDS, but they say the science suggests it’s not really necessary.  It could help ease the issue of blood shortages.


4.  A guy in Michigan hit a huge lottery jackpot, but almost didn’t cash in the ticket after forgetting about it not once, but twice.

He bought the ticket and forgot to check the numbers for a month.  When he finally scanned it at a store, it said to file a claim with the lottery office.  So he thought he’d won a few thousand bucks.

Despite that, he managed to forget about it AGAIN until his girlfriend found the ticket in his car a week later and asked if he’d checked it yet.  It turned out he’d won $25,000 a year for LIFE.  He ended up taking the lump sum of 390 grand.