YouTube Star Teams Up with Electric Bike Co. To Donate $600,000 Worth of E-Bikes to 600 Americans in Need

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1.  Firefighters in Southern California used a helicopter to airlift a horse to safety on Sunday.  It got spooked, ran off, and ended up stranded in a river.  The horse is fine.  They had to cover its eyes when they lifted it out.  Obviously, seeing itself way up off the ground could have freaked it out a bit.


2.  YouTube star MrBeast partnered with a company called Lectric to donate e-bikes to 600 people across the U.S.  They all desperately needed a way to get around.  The bikes are collectively worth about $600,000.  (Here’s the video.)


3.  Remember this lady from last year?  Joy Ryan in 94.  Last year, she set a world record after her grandson Brad helped her visit all 63 National Parks.  She’s the oldest person to ever do it.  And now she’s back in the news, because their new goal is to visit all seven continents.

They’ve already got North America checked off the list.  They’ve also done Africa, and just got back from South America, including a trip to the Galapagos Islands.  So they’ve got Europe, Asia, Australia, and Antarctica left to go.