YouTube Star Helps 1,000 People See Again By Paying For Their Cataract Surgery! (And More Good News)

1.  YouTube star Jimmy Donaldson . . . a.k.a., MrBeast . . . is making waves for all the right reasons.  He helped 1,000 people see again by getting them cataract surgery.  He started with 40 people at homeless shelters and free clinics in Florida.  Then a group helped him find more than 950 legally blind people all over the world who couldn’t afford the surgery, which only takes 10 minutes.

His video is great, especially the reactions when people see again for the first time.  And some got more than just a surgery.  He also surprised a few with $10,000 . . . one kid got 50 grand for college . . . and a guy who’s never been able to drive got the surgery, and then a brand new Tesla.  (Here’s the video.)


2.  Two 12-year-olds in Massachusetts were hiking last Wednesday and found a grenade in a pile of trash.  So they took a picture, remembered where they were, and went to get an adult.  The town’s chief of police called them “wicked smaht” for how they handled it.  It turned out it was a real grenade, but wasn’t live.


3.  A small-town hardware store in Kentucky is getting national exposure thanks to the owner’s weird sense of humor.  It’s called J-Town Hardware, in the Louisville suburb of Jeffersontown.  He used to work there as a teenager, and now owns it.

Back then, he started putting silly lines on the sign out front.  Things like, “Elvis buys his [paint] here,” and “Our carpet cleaners remove blood.”  (???)  Now he owns the place and installed a digital sign, so he can go wild with it.


4.  A guy from New York found out his wrecked car helped a family escape the war in Ukraine.  He was in a wreck, and his insurance company totaled his 2014 Jetta instead of fixing it.

But a 28-year-old guy in Ukraine bought it online for $2,000, had it shipped over, fixed it up, and used it to evacuate his wife and two kids.  He got in touch with the original owner after finding his name on something in the glove box.