Polices and legislation by those we elect can and do have the biggest impact on the environment. But don’t dismiss the actions of individuals. As individuals we can push and cajole our leaders into doing enacting laws that cut carbon emissions. As individuals we can talk to companies and encourage them to make changes that are more sustainable. And as individuals, we make choices every day that impact the environment. Turning off  lights, appliances and electronics not in use, purchasing energy-efficient appliances, adding insulation and sealing up drafts all have an impact in your home. How you get to work matters. Carpooling, taking transit, biking or even walking part of the way helps and stop all of that idling. What you buy also has an impact, not only because you have the power to reduce what you send to the landfill, but also, your money is power. Every time you buy something, you’re supporting your values.

Your choices matter