Wool dryer balls FTW

Yesterday I posted on air/line drying clothes and maybe you said, “Ok Peggy, this is the PNW, how do you dry your clothes the rest of the year?”. Yep, I have an energy-efficient dryer and I give it a boost with wool dryer balls. Wool dryer balls reduce energy use by helping clothes dry 20-30% faster, reduce static electricity and because they last for more than 1,000 loads, are way more cost effective than dryer sheets. Not only that, they’re naturally sourced and non-toxic. Dryer sheets, on the other hand, are loaded with chemicals that make clothes feel soft and wearable, but they’re known to trigger asthma and may be toxic to our reproductive systems. Plus fragrances can cause allergies, skin irritations and difficulty breathing. If you like added fragrance in your laundry, skip chemical-based fragrances and add a few drops of essential oil to your wool dryer balls.

Reasons to skip dryer sheets and choose wool dryer balls instead.


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