Woman Delivering Newspapers Saves Customer’s Life: Police Giver Her A “Lifesaver” Award

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1.  Another newspaper delivery hero is in the news:  Last month, a paper guy in Florida saved a 75-year-old woman from a house fire.  Now there’s a story about a lady in Indiana who saved a 94-year-old man’s life.

Her name is Heidi Lipscomb.  She’s the manager of a newspaper distribution company but was filling in for a driver last month.  It was two degrees out when she pulled into the guy’s driveway at 2:00 A.M., and saw him lying in his garage with the door open.

She called for help and saved his life . . . then finished delivering the rest of her papers.  Her local police department gave her a “lifesaver award” for it this week.


2.  A woman in Arkansas says a church sermon about good “things on the way” inspired her to buy a Powerball ticket . . . that hit for $100,000.


3.  Here’s a reason to stay in touch with that extended family:  A six-month-old girl in Missouri named Eden Hernandez needed an emergency liver transplant.  So they blasted it out on Facebook looking for someone with Type O blood.

The dad’s cousin lives a thousand miles away in New Jersey and immediately stepped up.  She says it’s “the best thing” she’s ever done.  She and baby Eden are both doing great.