What’s better…fake or real Christmas tree?

Illuminated Christmas tree on the snow at night

It’s a yearly discussion, what’s better for the environment, a real or fake Christmas tree?  It may seem like a fake tree is best, but when you take lifecycle into account, a real tree is best. There are farms specifically for Christmas trees and they’re replanting on a regular basis. Plus, think about what happens when Christmas is over. Real trees will biodegrade while the plastic one sits in the landfill once you’re finished with it. Renting a live Christmas tree is also an option and there are companies in Portland that drop off & pick up. Speaking of the tree, here are other ways to make it greener. Skip the tinsel. It’s plastic that can’t be recycled or reused. Plus animals are attracted to it and could eat it. When buying lights, choose the ones that have replaceable lights. Then you don’t have to throw away an entire string of lights if one bulbs goes out. Oh…and string lights are recyclable. 

Call Metro for a location to recycle your string lights: 503-234-3000

How to have the greenest Christmas tree



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