Weekend at Bernie’s… the Stage Play!

Full disclosure: I grew up a Theater Geek.  Starting around the age of 9, my Mom dragged me to my first try outs at the local Children’s Theater and my love for the medium grew from there!  I honestly feel, if I hadn’t gotten involved in theater at that young age, I don’t think I’d be doing what I am today.  The idea of overcoming stage fright, being able to think on your toes, and of course holding the attention of others while doing your best to entertain and even compel… that’s theater.  So, I’m super proud of Ted Douglass (who you know from Mitch’s morning show) and his directing work with this adaptation of “Weekend at Bernie’s.”  If you’re looking for a fun diversion (and let’s face it… I’m pretty sure we all are), then I strongly encourage you to go out and see this!

Siren Theater: 315 NW Davis

6/3 – 6/18