A Woman In Georgia Found $540 Cash In Her KFC Takeaway Bag…And Gave It Back!  (Plus More Good News!)

1.  A woman in Georgia got lunch at a KFC drive-thru last week.  And when she got back to work, she found more than $500 in the bag.  There was an envelope under her sandwich with $543 in it.  But instead of keeping it, she turned it in.

It turned out a worker accidentally put a daily deposit in the wrong bag by mistake.  They refunded her lunch and gave her another free meal to say thanks.  The manager said she probably saved his job.


2.  Firefighters in Peru navigated their way around several power cables to rescue a kitten stuck on top of a utility pole.


3.  Is this the best landlord ever?  A woman in Virginia had new tenants moving in and fully stocked their kitchen, so they wouldn’t have to worry about it.

She put essentials like eggs and milk in the fridge, and even a few non-essentials like two pies.  She also left snacks out on the counter, along with a bottle of wine, and a laundry basket full of cleaning supplies.