Wednesday’s Good News!


Be sure to click on the words and phrases that are bold and underlined to see pictures and videos from each story!

1.  A guy from Ohio named Brad Ryan has spent the last seven years taking his grandmother to every national park.  Her name is Joy, and she’s 92.  They’ve been to 62 of 63 parks.  Their last one is the National Park of American Samoa.


2.  A 44-year-old single dad from Ohio is going viral after he planned a trip to an amusement park with his daughter and her friend . . . and posted a TikTok video trying to find a date.  He posted another one later, and it looks like he found one.


3.  A woman in Maryland accidentally bought lottery tickets for the wrong drawing the other day.  But I guess it was the right drawing after all, because one of the tickets hit for $50,000.


4.  A kennel in Alabama filled up with chemical fumes on Monday and had to be evacuated.  But all 26 dogs inside made it out.  Half had to be taken to the roof to get out of the fumes, and firefighters used a ladder truck to save them.