Wednesday’s Good News!


1.  The Raising Cane’s fast food franchise bought 50,000 Mega Millions lottery tickets . . . one for each employee . . . ahead of last night’s drawing for the near-record pot of $810 MILLION.  (Here’s a video of the tickets being printed.)

CEO AJ Kumaran said the founder Todd Graves came up with the idea . . . and they thought it’d be great to share with the whole crew:  “If we win, we win together . . . we’ll share it.”

They took cash to several 7-Eleven locations, and it took HOURS to print out all those tickets.  (Nobody hit the jackpot last night, but it’s too early to say if there were any smaller winning tickets.)



2.  Rice University researchers found a way to use dead spiders as the raw material for robotic grippers.  They’re excited about it . . . but turning dead spiders into robots sounds like an idea that BETTER NOT BACKFIRE.



3.  Walter Reed National Military Medical Center will help wounded service members “transfer” a previous tattoo they had onto their prosthetic / artificial limb.  This is especially cool for those who have lost sentimental ink.