Wednesday’s Good News!

1.  Six teenagers in New York got their high school diplomas last month . . . then stripped off their robes and rushed out of graduation to go put out a FIRE.  Someone’s garage went up, and they’re all volunteer firefighters.  Luckily, they stopped the fire from spreading, and no one was hurt.


2.  A couple in the U.K. recently surprised their wedding guests by announcing the bride was PREGNANT.  The groom gave a speech and held up the sonogram photos, so everyone went nuts.  Now a video of it is trending on TikTok.


3.  If you need a quick pick-me-up, an animal shelter in Michigan posted a video after treating their dogs to “Chicken Nugget Day“.  Every dog got a nugget, and they recorded each one to help boost adoptions.


4.  And speaking of dogs:  Someone posted a video of dogs escaping from some sort of doggy day care, and joked that the dog REBELLION just started.  One dog figured out how to climb the fence of a big pen they were all in.  Then the other dogs realized they could do it too.   The video ends rather abruptly, but we are going to assume all of the dogs were safely rounded up and returned to the daycare!