Wednesday’s Feel Good Stories!

Here are some of the positive headlines making the rounds this morning.  Be sure to click on the words in BOLD to see pics and videos!

1.  A woman in Massachusetts forgot to scratch the last number on a lottery ticket, and threw it in the store’s trash because she thought it was worthless.  But then one of the owners found it . . . realized it hit for a MILLION BUCKS . . . and gave it back to her.


2.  Instead of asking for gifts, an eight-year-old in Wisconsin donated stuffed animals to a good cause for the SECOND birthday in a row.  Last year, he gave away 111 brand new stuffed animals.  This time, he ended up with 308 of them.


3.  As a graduation gift, a community college in northern California forgave every graduate’s remaining student debt.  It was only an average of $214 per student, but 85% of people enrolled at Contra Costa College are low- or middle-income.


4.  This focused on one city, but we hope it was true everywhere.  A study in Toronto found people started tipping more as soon as the pandemic hit.  Before Covid, the average tip for a takeout order was 16.5%.  Then it immediately jumped to 19% last April.  And on some days last summer, it was up over 22%.