We can’t ignore Climate Change any more. The time to act is NOW

The news hit like a gut punch. The world’s top climate scientists released their report showing that global climate change is accelerating, human-caused greenhouse gas emissions are to blame and there’s little time to act. Leaders around the world have all but ignored the signs for decades. Even if we could look the other way, smoke and smog from bigger and more intense wildfires are blocking our view. Once in a lifetime weather events are happening multiple times a year, global surface temperatures are reaching levels not seen in 100,000 years and global sea level rise is accelerating. The details would be unbelievable if we weren’t experiencing them on a regular basis. My Green Tips usually offer up small acts that we, as individuals, can implement. And I still believe we should continue to make sustainable choices, but obviously that’s not enough. The new report does indicate that it’s still possible to meet the targets set under the Paris agreement, but that’s only possible if we act NOW. We need to push our local, state and national leaders to action NOW. The crisis is here and action is needed NOW. 

One article on the report

There are many non-profits to support, these are just a few. But I’d love to hear who you support.

Natural Resources Defense Council 

Sierra Club

Here’s the EPA’s page on climate change