Want plastic utensils or straws with your takeout in WA? You’ll need to ask for them.

If you want plastic utensils, straws or condiment packs with your takeout in Washington State, you’re going to have to ask for them. A new law took effect January 1st that requires customers who want any of these single-use plastics in their takeout orders to ask for them first. The idea behind the law is to reduce the amount of plastic in the environment. The new law doesn’t ban any of these items and if a customer wants the items, all they have to do is ask. California has a similar law as does the City of Portland.

Is it really such an inconvenience to ask for a fork if you need one? Nope.

And if you’re taking it home, don’t you already have metal utensils there? Yep. 

Oregon, now it’s your turn. 

Washington State law on single-use plastics