Oregon’s Primary Election – May 19th

Things to remember for the upcoming primary election in Oregon:

  • Voter pamphlets and ballots have been mailed out.
  • You can find voter pamphlets online: https://sos.oregon.gov/voting/Pages/current-election.aspx
    • That page includes an audio guide and a Spanish language translation.
  • You can track the status of your ballot here: www.OregonVotes.gov/MyVote
  • The primary election is held to allow for nonpartisan and local races to occur as well as major parties to nominate candidates to run in the General Election. In Oregon the only major parties we have are Democrat and Republican. Minor parties (Constitution, Independent, Libertarian, Pacific Green, Progressive, Working Families) will each decide on their own who their nominees will be for November 3rd.
  • Therefore, if you are not affiliated with a major party, you will not see any partisan candidates on your ballot- including the office of U.S. President. 
  • Thanks to prepaid postage, every mailbox is a dropbox! You do not need a stamp to send in your ballot.
  • Remember, your ballot must be received by election officials by 8:00pm on May 19th to be counted! 
  • Postmarks do not count.  
  • Please return your ballot as early as possible. If you are returning your ballot through the mail, check with your county elections office to see how early you need to mail the ballot for it to arrive at your county elections office in time.
  • Dropboxes can be found here: www.OregonVotes.gov/dropboxes.

As always, your trusted source of election information is OregonVotes.gov.