Visit The Last Blockbuster on Earth!

During our Spring Break, my family and I had the chance to visit the Last Blockbuster on Earth in Bend!  For those of you who remember Blockbuster in its heyday, you’ll be treated to the familiar blue and yellow scheme, the logos, genre signs in the different sections… even the smell might seem faintly familiar!  It was tremendous fun to watch our now mostly-stoic teens excitedly pick up copies of movies like “Space Buddies” and exclaim “Hey, I remember this!”

Looking to rent a movie?  Or buy a pre-viewed one from Blockbuster for a great price just like back in the day?  You can do both!  My wife decided to put down a whole $10 on 5 used DVDs.  I’m not sure when we’ll ever watch them, but the entire experience was priceless.  Be sure to check out the memorabilia in the rear of the store including some signed Russell Crowe items, vintage Blockbuster items and even (gasp) Laser Discs!

Also, if you have yet to check out the documentary on Netflix about “The Last Blockbuster” it’s definitely worth a look!

Find the Last Blockbuster on Earth at 211 NE Revere Ave. in Bend.  And don’t forget to be kind, please rewind.