Video Of Two Elderly Men Taking Their First Ride In Driverless Car Is Winning Hearts Online! (And More Good News)

Be sure to click on the words and phrases that are bold and underlined to see pictures and videos from each story!

  1.  A video of two elderly men taking their first ride in a driverless car is winning hearts on the internet.  A younger woman is with them in the passenger seat, they are in the back.  One of them is a soundbite goldmine.  Listen to just some of what he says as he watches in amazement, beginning with how others are looking into his driverless car.
  2.  A two-year-old girl in Florida was found face-down in a pool on Sunday.  But a 911 operator stayed totally calm, and helped a family member save her life.  Now audio from the call is making the rounds online.  It also shows chest-cam footage of cops showing up in real time to take over.
  3. .  Two videos out of China are going viral:  One shows a random guy scaling the side of a building to save a toddler who fell out of a window and landed on a ledge.  The other shows a guy swimming across an icy lake to save a dog that fell in.

    And speaking of dogs:  Lifeguards and firefighters in Long Beach, California pulled a tiny dog out of the ocean on Sunday.It was running around a parking lot at the beach.  And for some reason, it jumped in the water and started swimming straight out to sea.  A lifeguard managed to catch up with it, and brought it back in.