Use raked leaves in your garden beds to add nutrients

The leaves are really starting to fall around the area and it’s important to remove them from the street so they don’t clog the drains and cause flooding. But what you do with them next is up to you. You can either rake them up and put them in your yard debris bins, if you have extra, bag them up in paper yard debris bags (if they’re in plastic bags, they’ll go to the landfill). Or you can use all or some of them to help your garden. Leaves have many benefits in the yard, they add organic matter, improve soil, and they feed and help protect insects and wildlife. I take leaves and put them over my veggie garden beds. Not only does it give my soil a boost, it helps suppress weed growth and it insulates plants from cold temperatures. Most leaves are good for the soil but avoid black walnut leaves, they’re toxic to some plants. 

Build your soil using leaves