The Edge says he’d like see U2 mark the upcoming 30th anniversary of Achtung Baby by celebrating the Zoo TV tour.

The guitarist tells Rolling Stone that they want to celebrate, even if it’s not next year when the actual anniversary comes around. He said he’s open to playing the Achtung Baby album in full like they did with The Joshua Tree three years ago.

He says, “At some point, I’d love to do something again with the Zoo TV idea. It’s weird how it’s come around. It was very prescient. We had no ideas at the time that the world was going to become…that was all about cable news and that overload. Now look where we are. It’s like times a thousand.”

The Edge adds that he’s been writing regularly since they got off the road back in the winter. “The question, I suppose, is whether we have a plan to finish or release it. Not so far. But there’s a lot of exciting music being created.”