Two-Year Ordeal Ends: ‘Britain’s Loneliest Sheep’ Rescued from Cliff in Scotland, Finds New Home Among Flock

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1.  A 12-year-old kid in Philly named Ethan Williams did the Heimlich maneuver at lunch and saved his buddy’s life last month.  He learned how to do it in school earlier this year.  The teacher who taught him called it “textbook.”


2.  The American Humane Society announced the winner of its annual Hero Dog Award.  It went to a 150-pound Great Dane named Maverick.  He works as a therapy dog with the U.S.O. to help support troops and their families.  He’s currently stationed at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri.  (Here’s a photo.)


3.  A sheep that was stuck at the bottom of a cliff in Scotland finally got rescued over the weekend.  She’d been living down there all alone for at least TWO YEARS, so people started calling her “Britain’s Loneliest Sheep.”

No one had been able to get to her.  But five farmers hiked down and helped lead her back up the side of a steep hill.  They say she’s in remarkably good condition, and even a little overweight.  An animal sanctuary took her in.  So she’ll get to live out the rest of her life around LOTS of other sheep.  (Here’s a photo.)