Two Dozen Inmates Achieve Remarkable Milestone: Associate’s Degrees through Restorative Justice Program, Pursuing Bachelor’s at U.C. Irvine

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1.  Two dozen inmates just graduated with associate’s degrees from Southwestern College near San Diego.

It’s part of an initiative the school started in 2016 called the Restorative Justice Program.  It helps inmates get their degree before they’re released.

All 24 of them are planning to continue their education and get their bachelor’s degree through a program at U.C. Irvine.


2.  A woman in Toronto posted a video after her boyfriend helped two raccoons that got stuck in a dumpster.  They couldn’t climb out, so he lowered a stick down, and they climbed it like a rope.  Both raccoons made it out and scurried off.




3.  A woman in North Carolina recently bought some old jewelry, and noticed a high-school class ring from 1984 with a guy’s name on it.  The school was hundreds of miles away in Michigan.  But she tracked him down on Facebook and got it back to him.  It turned out he lost it 25 years ago.