Tuesday’s Good News!

Be sure to click on the highlighted words and phrases to see pictures and videos from each story!


1.  A 17-year-old in Virginia just graduated from high school AND college.  He finished college first, with his bachelor’s in business administration.  Then he graduated from high school two weeks later.  His mom says he’s very determined and goal-oriented.


2.  A TV station in Minneapolis did a story on two unlikely best friends . . . a toddler named Ben Olson and his friend Mary, who turns 100 next month.  Ben hasn’t seen many kids during the pandemic, but Mary lives next door.  So they’ve spent a lot of time together.


3.  The 20th anniversary of 9/11 is coming up, and a 62-year-old former flight attendant named Paul Veneto wants to honor the victims in his own special way.

He knew a lot of the crew members on the plane that hit the South Tower.  So starting next month, he’s pushing an airline beverage cart 220 miles from Boston to New York.  You can find out more and donate at PauliesPush.com.


4.  There’s a three-year-old kid in Georgia named Reese Hayhurst who’s fighting leukemia.  And he loves going to the grocery store, because his local Publix has kid carts with steering wheels that he gets to ride in.

His mom said something about it on Facebook last month.  Then someone from Publix saw the post . . . bought him a Little Tikes car in the same color . . . and slapped some of their logos on it.  So now he can go for a drive whenever he wants.