Tuesday’s Good News!


1.  A little girl from South Carolina was flying home with her parents from overseas when she lost a tooth.  And I mean REALLY lost it.  It fell out on the plane, and they couldn’t find it.  But then the pilot stepped up and wrote her a note.

It said, “Dear Tooth Fairy:  Lena had a tooth fall out on her flight to Greenville.  Please take this note in place of her tooth.”  Then he signed it “Captain Josh.”  (Here’s a photo.  Thanks to Brent Johnson at WZMJ in Columbia, South Carolina for sending this our way!)


2.  Remember the story last week about a Burger King worker in Vegas who got a lame gift bag to thank him for 27 years of work?  Well, there’s an update:  People online started donating to him, and the GoFundMe has now raised over 160 GRAND.  He says he’ll use some of the money to help put his grandkids through college.


3.  A guy in Scotland is in the news because he just turned 100 last week, and he’s still working . . . or technically, volunteering.  His name is David Flooker and he does three shifts a week at a thrift store that raises money for charity.


4.  A 15-year-old in Texas almost died in a car crash, but came BACK.  His doctors pronounced him dead, but his mom told him to keep fighting, and then his hand moved.  So they rushed him into surgery for a brain injury.  He was in a coma for a while, and they said he’d probably never walk or talk again.  But less than a year later, he’s doing both, and even playing basketball!