Tuesday’s Good News!

1.  “The Seattle Times” just did a big profile on a homeless guy named Randy Miller, who walks around offering free haircuts to other people who are homeless or low-income.  He’s been doing it for over two years now.  (You can donate through his Venmo, BeTheBlessing206.)


2.  A 12-year-old kid who was born with spina bifida just became the youngest person in the U.K. to land a backflip in a wheelchair.  The video is great because of how PUMPED he is after he does it.  (Here’s the raw footage.)


3.  A university in western Wisconsin is partnering with their local Humane Society, and having college students help socialize cats so they can be adopted.


4.  “USA Today” posted an emotional video of two women named Leesa Thompson and Kerri Tanner meeting for the first time.  Back in 2018, Kerri made the decision to donate a kidney to a stranger, and it saved Leesa’s life.