Tuesday’s Good News!

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1.  Five more WOMEN will appear on U.S. quarters next year:  Pilot Bessie Coleman . . . ballerina Maria Tallchief . . . activist Jovita Idár (ho-VEE-tuh Ee-DAR) . . . hula teacher Edith Kanaka’ole  (kah-nah-kah-OH-lay) . . . and former First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt.


2.  Firefighters in New Hampshire used the Jaws of Life to save a deer that got stuck between the bars of a metal fence the other day.


3.  Police on Long Island helped save a baby seal that wandered out of the water and into a traffic circle.


4.  A lumber store in England gave all 60 of its employees a $1,000 bonus just to help them out with bills.


5.  And a pharmacist at a CVS in North Carolina is in the news after giving a customer a KIDNEY.  Her name is Kathleen Kirkland, and it happened by chance.  A local pastor mentioned he was on the kidney transplant list.  And she immediately offered to donate.



He says he used to go to a different pharmacy.  But he stopped into her CVS in 2017 and was amazed at how helpful she was . . . little did he know JUST how helpful she’d end up being.  After this, he says he’s never switching pharmacies again.


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