Tuesday’s Good News!

1.  Another “happiness hotline” is going viral.  This time, a fifth-grade class in Indiana did it.  You can choose to hear a joke, a fun fact, or a pep talk.  They’ve also got them in Spanish.  The number is 574-832-4965.

(A kindergarten class in California made the news a few weeks ago for a similar hotline.)


2.  A woman in South Carolina told her mom she was feeling lucky.  So her mom said to buy a lottery ticket . . . and she won $30,000.


3.  A British soldier just set a world record, and raised a bunch of money for charity, by completing the longest solo journey across the Atlantic in a rowboat.  “Solo” means no one was allowed to be there and assist in any way.  He started in Portugal on December 21st . . . went 4,500 miles . . . and landed in Florida after 111 days.


4.  And in related news:  A lawyer from London just set a new world record for fastest solo row across the Atlantic for a woman.  She went just over 2,500 miles, and did it in about 40 days.  The previous record was more than 49 days.



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