Tuesday’s Good News!

1.  Walt Disney World always puts up massive gingerbread house displays for the holidays.  And they just posted a video about what happens to all that gingerbread when the holidays are over.  Instead of tossing it, they dismantle it all . . . take it to a farm . . . and let BEES eat it.  They apparently love the stuff.


2.  There’s a semi-annual fundraiser for gamers called Games Done Quick, where people do “speedruns” and try to beat games as fast as possible while fans donate.  And their latest event raised a record amount of money for the Prevent Cancer Foundation.  It happened last week, and they raised over $3.4 million.


3.  Earlier this month, someone in China spotted a tiny dog clinging to the side of a CLIFF, and it looked like it was about to fall.  But firefighters showed up in time, rappelled down, saved the dog, and there’s video of the whole thing.  It happened on New Year’s Day, and the dog’s already been adopted.  (Here’s the video.)


4.  Have you tried an Impossible Burger or Beyond Meat yet?  A new report says plant-based meat alternatives spared a lot of animals’ lives last year.  In 2021, sales by those two companies alone saved almost a MILLION animals.  That includes 77,000 cows, 350,000 chickens, and over 200,000 pigs.