Tuesday’s Good News!

Be sure to click on the highlighted words and phrases to see pictures and videos from each story!


1.  Apple says its next generation of iPhones and Apple Watches will have a new feature that can detect car crashes and call 911 for you.  Some newer Android phones already have a similar feature.


2.  A U.S. Army soldier rescued a stray cat named Tiger while stationed overseas.  Now a charity called Paws of War is trying to help him bring Tiger home in time for the holidays.  It’s harder than you’d think.  To help make it happen, around 3,000 people have already donated on the website HelpSaveTiger.PawsOfWar.org.


3.  It’s No-Shave November, which is all about cancer awareness.  And a surprising amount of people plan to take part this year.  A poll of 20,000 Americans found 24% of men and 10% of women plan to participate by not shaving this month.


4.  If you found $100 and couldn’t track down the rightful owner, what would you do with it?  A surprising number of Americans claim they WOULDN’T keep it.  60% said they’d definitely just pocket the money.  But 9% would give it to charity . . . 7% would give it to someone who needed it more than they did . . . and 8% would put it back where they found it.  (???)