Top Ways We’ve Embarrassed Ourselves On Zoom

Have you embarrassed yourself on a Zoom call yet?  A new survey looked at the most common embarrassing moments we’ve had on there since the pandemic first hit.  Here’s the Top 10 . . .

1.  Talking for a while, and then realizing you were muted the whole time.  Almost a third of us have done that.

2.  Saying something embarrassing when you THOUGHT you were muted.

3.  Someone walked in and interrupted you.  Like your kids or spouse.

4.  You forgot your camera was on when you went to the bathroom.  22% say they’ve done that one.

5.  Someone walked through your background NAKED.

6.  You didn’t realize people could tell you weren’t wearing pants.

7.  Other embarrassing background events, besides nudity.

8.  Taking a screenshot of the call without muting yourself.  So everyone heard it.

9.  You were caught talking to your pets, or yelling at them.

10.  Yelling at your kids without muting yourself.

Two more that just missed the Top 10 were falling asleep on camera, and being caught day-drinking.