Today’s Good News!


1.  A 104-year-old woman in Connecticut named Bertha Komor just fulfilled her lifelong dream of hanging out with a penguin.  Employees at her retirement home got in touch with an aquarium and made it happen.


2.  A 32-year-old in North Carolina showed up at lottery headquarters on Monday to cash a ticket thinking he’d won $600.  But it turned out he’d won close to 600 THOUSAND.  He hit a jackpot for $586,000 and walked with over 400 grand after taxes.


3.  A waitress in New Orleans recently got a $777 tip on a $63 bill.  But instead of keeping it, she donated it to her church.


4.  The owner of a gas station in Phoenix was in the news back in March after he lowered the price of gas to give people a break.  He was selling it for 10 cents a gallon cheaper than he paid, so at a slight loss.  And it turns out he never stopped.

A local news station in Phoenix just did a follow-up, and he’s taking an even bigger loss now.  He’s currently selling it for 47 cents less than he pays.  He says it’s worth it to give people in his community a little help.