Tips for starting a garden

If you’ve ever had a tomato right after it’s been plucked from the vine, you’ve tasted magic. There are many logical reasons to plant a veggie garden (helps supplement your meals with fresh produce, it’s likely situated feet from your kitchen, educational for kids, etc) but it’s the nontangible things like incredible flavor, connection to nature and the calmness gardening brings that keeps me planting every year.

There are costs up front – containers, soil and seeds/plants but there are ways to help keep costs low (check on Craigslist, NextDoor and Buy Nothing for items). And there are important things to consider when planting a garden, whether it’s in a yard or deck/patio:

  • Location, location, location – make sure there’s enough sun exposure for what you want to grow
  • Before you buy plants, make sure they look healthy & buy organic, if you can
  • Seeds are cheaper and easier to afford organic
  • Good soil

There’s lots of information out there, but here are a few links to get you going:

How to build soil more affordably

Skip pesticides and look for companion plants to keep pests away

Make your own seed pots (I save plant pots to reuse each year)