Thursday’s Good News!

Be sure to click on the highlighted words and phrases to see pictures and videos from each story!


1.  A woman from Missouri was in Florida last month, and her flight got cancelled.  So to pass the time, she bought some lottery tickets . . . scratched one off . . . and won a million bucks.


2.  Mattel is releasing a line of “role model” Barbies based on six inspirational women who work in healthcare.  One of them is Oxford researcher Sarah Gilbert, who helped develop the AstraZeneca vaccine.  (Here’s a photo.  She’s the one with red hair.)


3.  Target announced they’ll start covering 100% of their employees’ tuition for undergrad degrees at select colleges and universities.  Walmart did the same last week.


4.  A mom of three in Las Vegas named Dasha Kelly lost her job dealing cards when casinos shut down last year.  And she’s been donating plasma to help pay rent.  So out of desperation, she started a GoFundMe page to pay $1,900 in back rent she owed.

But earlier this week, a local news station in Vegas did a story on her.  Then CNN interviewed her on Tuesday.  And now people have donated a LOT more than that.

By the time she hit CNN, it was up to $89,000.  Then during her interview, it hit $97,000.  And last we checked, it was up over $220,000.  (Here’s the CNN interview.  At 2:20, she finds out people donated another $8,000 in a just a few minutes.)