Thursday’s Good News!

1.  In a recent poll, only 37% of Americans said life is better now than it was 50 years ago, but someone put together a list of 11 things we (MOSTLY) don’t need to worry about anymore, and it includes:  Visiting distant loved ones . . . washing your clothes . . . and infant mortality.


2.  A video is going viral of a Ukrainian soldier showing how his iPhone 11 Pro saved him from a BULLET.  One commenter . . . who’s probably NOT in a war-zone . . . joked, “An apple a day keeps the doctors away!”


3.  A husband and wife in Oregon designed biodegrade baby shoes that melt away into water after an infant outgrows them.  But they’re strong enough to last through TWO babies, so they can still be used as “hand-me-downs.”


4.  A truck spilled thousands of beer bottles into the street in South Korea last month, and a bunch of good Samaritans ran over . . . not to get handfuls of free beer, but to help clean up the broken glass.  Now, the brewery is trying to track down these “real heroes” to “spread the word of the good they did.”